OEM Service


Our R&D team’s highly qualified, professional award-winning designers and product managers continually offer new and innovative products to find solutions to common problems, making the consumers life easier and more comfortable. Besides we continues to offer OEM and ODM service for our customers, you only provie your ideas or drawing, we can custom it as your request.

Designed Making


We have professional molding workshop for molding design and making,Which can best meet differents products requirements and designs.



Our specialized engineer who can design and make product as customers request, our main line covers in many fields such as clothing for women and men, bags and shoes etc.Besides our highly qualified engineers ensure our products consistently of great value.

Integrating our team of skilled graphic artists with our award-winning designers allows us to provide custom OEM items, packaging, and logo development to custom design any planned promotion or product assortment.



we can provide prototyping product service for our customers who want to test a new item before mass prodcution .We have a great deal of experience in engineering and rapid prototyping services which includes a wide variety of product types, Our design engineers manage product development from end to end, including design, engineering consultation, and inspection phases.

Secondary operation


Our assembly team members pride themselves on their ability to identify and eliminate waste in your product line. Helping you bring your products to market first in this global economy is our primary goal. You can rest assured, we will accomplish our goal. Assembly operations can provide a way of getting your product to market more quickly as well as reducing up-front tooling costs associated with complex features. We can provide completed assemblies or sub-assemblies using a wide range of assembly techniques.